While some of the concerns about treated wood could be legitimate, especially for wood fences, most of the safety concerns about using and living with this type of timber are overblown. To help you attain a much better understanding, here are some of the common misconceptions of treated wood. Pressure treated wood is a health riskOriginally,  Read More

Picket fences feature a traditional style of fencing that involves wooden planks attached to a rail with gaps between them. A picket fence is therefore perfect for marking out boundaries, protecting your yard, enhancing privacy, and increasing the aesthetic value of your property. Because they blend in seamlessly and do not obstruct the view completely,  Read More

While there’s an array of fencing post materials to choose from, timber and steel remain the most popular and widely used. When considering which material is right for your fencing needs, you’ll need to weigh in a few crucial factors. You will have confidence in your material of choice once you know the pros and  Read More

Even though you probably have a healthy relationship with your next-door neighbors, you may have recently wondered whether it would be wise to install a privacy fence. It’s not like you want to shut out your neighbors or see less of their smiling faces. The fact is that many of your other neighbors have opted  Read More