With the challenges of 2020 behind us, we welcomed 2021 with open arms. While we were again met with an unprecedented year that proved to be difficult for many different reasons, we remain grateful to our loyal customers for their continued support and dedication. 

We’d like to extend our best wishes to everyone in our community, and as we finish the year, we want to take this opportunity to say thank you for your loyalty and friendship.

Thank You for Supporting Your Local Businesses

Your support of local businesses like ours is what makes it possible to do what we do. We appreciate it! Discount Fence is proud to be a part of this community and we look forward with great anticipation to how much more we can do together in 2022 and beyond.

While the past couple of years has been challenging for all of us, we’re glad to have neighbors and customers like you who make our community a better place to live. We hope that the coming years are filled with blessings and happy memories for you and your family.

When times became difficult this year, you rallied around us and continued to provide your unwavering support, trusting us with your fence needs. While circumstances may be changing right now and in the foreseeable future, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service no matter what happens.

Your Austin Fence Company

Discount Fence has a long-standing, solid reputation throughout Texas as a reputable fence builder. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and quality. Like many local businesses during this time, we have faced a number of hurdles over the past years. But because of your continued support, our business is still thriving and we are excited for the coming years.

About Discount Fence

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