Not all fences are created equal. Discount Fence USA has many different types of fences for you to choose from. We will work intimately with you to make sure that you get the exact kind of fencing for your needs. No matter what height, color, or materials you need, we can help you find the option to fit your needs.

Wood Fence

A wood fence is simple, affordable, durable, and a great looking option to give your home the privacy and security it needs.

Wrought Iron Fence

For stronger, more formal fencing, an ornamental iron fence is an exceptional option. Iron fences last longer than most other types and give your home even greater security.


Chain Link Fence

If you are looking for low cost and high quality, chain link is for you. Chain links are versatile, strong, and can be customized with different finishes for the look you want.

Ranch Style Fence

Farm and ranch fencing can keep your livestock locked in while providing security for your home. The rustic aesthetic of these fences makes them the perfect accent for your ranch or farm.


Automatic Gates

Let Discount Fence USA help increase your security with an automatic gate. Control who can get into your home and keep it safe.


A fence railing is a great way to spruce up your home's facade as well as add stability on your way up and downstairs.

Fence Staining

Discount Fence USA works with Wood Defender to bring you their complete line of fence staining products. We can provide the beauty and the durability you expect from quality wood fence staining.

Perimeter Security

Let Discount Fence USA help increase your security with perimeter security fencing options. Control your property and keep it safe.