Wooden fences are a tough, affordable, and durable option for your home. Discount Fence USA specializes in wooden fence installation and repair in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, and beyond. These types of fences are best used for privacy and security. Wooden privacy fences are visually impenetrable. The security of the fence is enhanced by the fortitude of the wooden panels.

Style of Wood Fences

Discount Fence USA uses 3 / 4″ and 5 / 8″ thick Western Red Cedar #2 grade for our fence boards. Western Red Cedar starts off with a fairly light tan color. When stained, the cedar offers a rich, brown color with a varied grain texture. The dense composition of Western Red Cedar makes it long-lasting. The wood is naturally fortified, making it resistant to rotting, insects, and moisture.

Benefits of Having a Wood Fence

The singular benefits of wooden fences set themselves apart from all other fencing materials. Some of the standout qualities of wooden fences include:

  • Versatility - Discount Fence USA’s wood can be lightweight. It is easy to move and easy to place but stands sturdy against the elements. A wooden fence can be easily built to fit the environment around it. We can build a wooden fence to fit your yard’s terrain, no matter if it’s flat or sloped.
  • Price - The cost of a wooden fence tends to run lower than other fencing options. The installation process is affordable and the materials themselves are less costly than other choices. Also, if your fence is damaged by weather, the low cost of the fencing makes it an affordable fix.
  • Environmentally Friendly - The wood Discount Fence USA uses is all-natural. This makes it a greener option than other materials. If you ever choose to replace the fence and remove your wooden one, it can be disposed of without harming the environment.
  • Durability - Wood settles over time. As it settles, it fortifies itself, creating a denser, stronger piece of wood. Other materials may need to get replaced far sooner than wood.
  • Old-Fashioned Look - The classic look of wooden fencing has lasted for centuries. It adds rustic sophistication to any home and is a clean, great-looking way to give yourself privacy and security.

Privacy Fences

The right kind of privacy fence can give you more than just a private space. A privacy fence should give you actual security from prying eyes as well as prevent trespassers from entering your house. Privacy fences should also provide the right kind of visual accent to make your home feel safe, but look stylish. Discount Fence USA has supplied homes across the greater Austin area with high grade, high-walled privacy fence. We have many different types of wooden privacy fences to fit the aesthetic that your house needs. Feel secure in your own space by getting the right kind of fence for your home.