Chain Link Fences in Austin, Lakeway & Round Rock

Chain Link fences are popular for both residential and commercial clients because they are a more affordable option and are easy to maintain. They are used primarily for containment. Homeowners can use chain link fences to keep children, pets or livestock safe.

They are also effective barriers for entry. Businesses can keep unwanted guests out with the help of a durable chain link fence. Chain link comes in a variety of heights and is available with a galvanized or vinyl color coated finish.

Advantages of a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are the most common type of fence in Texas thanks to the unbeatable combination of affordability and durability. They are highly desired for:


Chain link fences are manufactured in mass quantities using quality materials. They also use a minimal amount of material to create a wide barrier that’s difficult to penetrate. Savings on manufacturing and materials are passed on to you.


Chain link fences have a small surface area, which makes them resistant to all types of weather. High winds, rain, and sudden weather changes are no match for woven steel. They are also difficult for intruders to climb and tough for pests to break down.


Even if your chain link fence is damaged, repair is a snap. Custom sized replacements are extremely affordable, and spot fixes are simple, fast, and cheap.

Simple Maintenance

It only takes a coat of paint or a fresh finish to bolster the stability of your chain links. An extra layer of protection will help the already weather resistant steel last for years.

Options for Chain Link Fence

All of our chain link fences can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Variable Height

The steel wire can be woven into patterns of differing heights to add or remove privacy, security, and visibility from your fence.

Chain Link Fence Gallery

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