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Fence staining involves applying a mixture of a thick, transparent liquid tint onto your fence to accentuate and enhance the qualities of your fencing. Staining is different than a coat of paint, as it attempts to preserve the natural structure of wood grain and even improve it.

Over time, the color of your fence requires more maintenance. Instead of letting environmental based wear happen, use the right stain to help prevent damage over the years.

With the deep rich browns of Texas surrounding us on all sides, it makes sense to get your wood stained to match. That’s why we’ve partnered with Wood Defender to give you a wide range of finishes to choose from. Your fence will have never looked better.

Our Fence Staining Process

1. Look through stain options

Before we send our team out to your fences, we have a free in-home consultation to go over your staining needs. Select the colors you want and we will apply them to your fence.

2. Clean the fence

Before we start the staining process, we make sure the fence is clear of dirt, dust, mold, mildew, or any other impurities. Clean wood allows us to apply stain directly to the surface.

3. Test the stain

We place a sample of stains on the actual fence before we move forward with staining the entire structure. If there is anything you don’t like about the stain when you see it in action, we can address it before finishing the project.

4. Stir the stain

When we first open a staining canister, the pigment will have settled to the bottom. It is crucial to evenly distribute the pigment all over the solution to achieve the intended color. Stirring (not shaking) gives stains the proper pigment.

5. Apply

Discount Fence USA does not use a brush to apply our products. Instead, we use a special technique that soaks stains into the wood through air pressure. We want to saturate the wood with stain so the finish will last longer.

We make sure the stain does not thin out in the application process. If the stain is too thin, it will be removed by evaporation. Your new stains should be thick enough to stick to the wood.

Apply on a warmer day. Ideally, the temperature should be above 50° F. If the temperature gets too cold, the stain could freeze, preventing it from being absorbed after application.

If you are staining your fence, make sure to use a respirator. Fence staining often contains chemicals. Keep yourself safe during application.

6. Clean up

After your fence is stained, we clean up every single bit of residue and leave. Discount Fence USA will not leave you with a mess to clean up. We like to do a good job and we don’t want you to work after buying our services.

Fence Stain Colors We Offer

The right color fence stain can make or break your home. Our catalog of colors will help bring the perfect accent to your fence that will stand the test of time.

Fence Stain Gallery

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