Our Unique Process in Cedar Park, Lakeway & Austin

The thing that Discount Fence USA prides itself on most is its customer service. We aim to leave each and every client we have with a great fence and an even better experience.

One of the ways we do that is by walking each and every client through our 5-step process. By letting our clients know what the process is step-by-step, they can know what to expect and know where our team should be in the fence installation or repair process.

1. Phone Assessment

When you first call Discount Fence USA, you will talk with a team member that will find out the ins-and-outs of your installation project. We will ask you what your general needs are for your fence and try to get as much information as possible.

2. Free In-Home Consultation

After the call, a team member from Discount Fence USA will meet with you at your home for about 15-30 minutes. Each team member knows our stock and processes intimately, so they will be able to explain the entire fencing process to you.

We will take precise and thorough measurements of the fencing area, then give you suggestions and ideas to give you the feel of what your fence can be. At this stage, we can also adjust the plan to make sure you get exactly the fence you want.

3. Custom Quote

We get a quote to you in as little as 24 hours. This quote will provide you with the cost of the project. By this point, we would have taken into account the resources and manpower needed for your new fence.

4. Planning

Once you have signed off on all of the terms of the project, we start planning. We work with a utility locating service so we can make sure to avoid any crucial water or electrical lines underground. The utility team keeps our workers safe and keeps your lights and water on at the same time.

A typical location service project happens within 72 hours. Once all of the utilities are marked, we can begin to build your fence.

5. Installation

Our team comes in to build and set posts for your fence, which will be left overnight. The posts will need time to settle for 24 hours so the posts are as strong as possible.

The next day, all fences and gates will be built and put together. Once the fence is built, a thorough inspection is done to make sure it meets the code of the American Fence Association.

If you have installed a gate, then our team will walk you through the steps to use your gate. We make sure that you know your fence and gate inside and out before we leave.

Ready to Get Started?

Our fence installation and repair experts are waiting to help you. If you live in the Austin area or beyond, contact us to get your free in-home consultation to get your fence project started.

Or Schedule By Phone: 512-334-9546