Stone Fence Posts

Stone fence posts, also called stone stanchions, are bricks or stones designed as support posts to connect rows of fencing. Accent your home, business, or ranch with stone fence posts to both increase strength and add a personalized touch to your fence.

Stone fence posts are also some of our most highly customizable offerings. Choose your type of stone and work together with us on your aesthetic to create a beautiful addition to any one of our many beautiful, functional fences.

How do stone fence posts fortify my fence?

Stone stanchions are held together with strong, weatherproof mortar to create a dense, rigid barrier. The posts hold fence panels from all kinds of fences and reinforce the firmness of each panel.

They can also prevent natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes from causing severe damage to your fence. Stone fence posts have a much larger volume than standard fence posts and are placed deeper into the ground. It’s harder for fast moving water and high winds to break the fortitude of a stone fence post.

Potential intruders will also have a harder time breaching your fence if you use stone stanchions. The extra rigidity provided by stone support beams resists damage from tools, preventing trespassers from moving through your fence.

What else can I do with stone fence posts?

In addition to increasing the strength and safety of your fence panels, stone fence posts also offer a highly customizable, modern, and classy aesthetic. Use stone stanchions to:

Change Your Look

Add stone fence posts to wooden or iron fences to create a brand new look for your home or business. Stone fence posts are great for ranch style fences, too!

Add a Lamp

Increase safety and give your fence a bit of charm with a lamp installed directly into your stone stanchion. Installation is easy and the applications are limitless!

Put in a Mailbox

Turn your stone fence post into a multipurpose tool by adding a mailbox. They’re perfect next to the driveway where you fence naturally begins and ends!

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