Austin, Cedar Park & Lakeway Wrought Iron Handrails

Wrought Iron Handrail is a type of fence or barrier with an unbroken horizontal support beam called a rail. They are made sturdy so as to provide support that can’t be broken by everyday use. Their solidity provides extra safety in dangerous areas.

Common Uses for Handrails

The most common use of rails is to improve safety in areas with rapidly changing terrain height. Some of the most effective places for rails are:

  • Stairs
  • Buildings with Roof Access
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Balconies

Rails can also be used to demarcate areas or create a certain aesthetic.

Porch Railing

For homes with porches, railing is a great way to boost safety outside the house.

Prevent serious falls

Raised porches increase the risk of falls that could lead to injury. Install railing across the porch and down the steps to stop accidents before they happen.

Create a charming curbside aesthetic

The right rail can transform the appearance of the front of your home. By carefully selecting the look of your rail, you can add charm and value to your house.

Store goods outdoors

If you use your porch for storage, gardening, or decoration, you’ll need a solid rail to stop your goods from reaching the street.

Bar outdoor furniture from moving

For those who love to spend time outside, outdoor furniture is a must. Keep furniture from being blown away with the help of a sturdy rail.

Deck Railing

For homes with decks, railing helps prevent unexpected injury and can enhance the look and feel of your yard or garden.

Create a barrier to prevent accidents

Children and adults alike are prone to accidents. Stop injuries before they happen by installing a sturdy rail.

Control the movement of pets

Keep pets from running out of control by putting up a barrier rail on the outer edges of your deck.

Accent your deck with a touch of class

Put the finishing touches on your dream deck with the help of a strong, elegant rail.

Improve safety for the disabled

For those who have trouble with mobility, deck railing can reduce the risk of injury due to loss of movement control.

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