Automated gates combine security, convenience, and often style, providing residents throughout Austin with several important benefits. If you’re interested in an automated gate for your Central Texas home, choosing the type of gate for you and your property should be a top priority.

Slide Gates

Slide gates are the most common type of gates used throughout the Austin area and the rest of the US. Slide gates mount parallel inside of fences and slide back and forth horizontally across the gate threshold via the use of rollers. These rollers are located on the bottom of the gate itself and ride along a ground-level metal track across the gate opening.

Although slide gates are simple to operate and take up little to no space, they can easily be blocked by snow, ice, and debris. We don’t get much snow here in the Hill Country, but we do get ice, so this should be a consideration.

Slide gate rollers can also cause friction, which can make opening and closing the gate more difficult. However, when built the right way and equipped with the right gate opener, tracks, rollers, and equipment, most people have few problems or complaints with their slide gates.

Swing Gates

Swing gates feature hinges on one side, allowing them to swing open and closed in the same fashion as a door. If you opt for a swing gate, it can either have a single leaf or double leaf design, depending on your budget and taste. They can also swing in or swing out, and most travel 90 degrees when opening and shutting.

Swing gates are commonly used in both residential and commercial applications due to their low cost and ease of installation. While beautiful ornamental iron, steel, or aluminum swing gates can be found throughout Austin and the surrounding areas, they do require ample space to allow approaching vehicles to remain clear of the arc of the gate as it opens and closes.

If considering a swinging automatic gate for your home, certain safety considerations should also be taken to prevent vehicles or people from being damaged or injured from the gate when moving.

Vertical Lift Gates

Vertical lift gates are designed more for industrial use and move vertically up and down to create an opening for cars and people to pass through. Since many vertical lift gates must lift high enough for large vehicles and semi-trailers to travel under, tall support towers must be installed on both sides of the gate opening for added structural integrity.

While they are more labor intensive, vertical lift gates require very little room and are incredibly secure and reliable. The vertical support towers and vertical lifting motion of these gates often give them an industrial or institutional appearance, but ornamental designs can always be added for an improved look.

It’s Time to Automate

Whether you’re interested in an automated gate for your residence, business, or cattle ranch, there are a variety of gate options out there to choose from. Automated swing gates make a great impression but require a little room to safely operate, and vertical lift gates are incredibly secure. Slide gates, however, remain the most popular because of their simple operation, easy installation, and minimal space requirement.

Regardless of which type of automated gate you choose, you’ll not only make your home more secure, but you’ll improve its curb appeal as well. With endless custom design possibilities, iron or steel can become your canvas.

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