Even though you probably have a healthy relationship with your next-door neighbors, you may have recently wondered whether it would be wise to install a privacy fence. It’s not like you want to shut out your neighbors or see less of their smiling faces. The fact is that many of your other neighbors have opted for privacy fences, and you just can’t decide whether to follow suit. Fortunately, privacy fences offer much more than privacy. Here’s a detailed look at the benefits of installing a privacy fence.

Added shelter and security
The level of protection offered to those within its boundaries is perhaps the most popular benefit of a privacy fence. Although they probably don’t seem like much of a shield, privacy fences can deflect a considerable amount of the rain and the wind that would otherwise rack and potentially damage your property during a storm.

Privacy fences can also detract potential burglars and intruders. While you may not consider a privacy fence as much of a deterrent, it is a barrier that will stand in the way of thieves and trespassers by making it a lot harder for them to enter or exit your home quickly. The difficulties created will discourage potential criminals from trying to access your home. Instead, they will opt to go after an unprotected property, one that presents a much easier target.

Lastly, privacy fences can help to ensure young children and pets or domestic animals remain within the boundaries of your property by reducing the temptation to stray. Also, the barrier keeps unwanted wild animals like coyotes and foxes from entering your property.

Increase in home value
If you intend to put your house on the market anytime soon, a privacy fence might be just what you need. Installing a privacy fence might help you close the contract a little bit faster. Prospective buyers who have young children or pets will probably opt for a fenced home over a similar property that offers less security. Even so, the fencing material you choose will affect your return on investment. Solid wood and concrete privacy fences can garner up to 50 percent of their installation costs. In contrast, some of the more affordable options do not add a lot to the resale value.

Defined boundaries
You probably enjoy the seamless manner in which your lawn merges with the adjacent yard, especially since the open space offers plenty of room for all your kids to run and play, or relax, bask and enjoy the outdoors.

However, you’ll want every square foot you own accounted for if you are planning to sell your property. The more land you have to offer, the higher the resale value. Without a defined property boundary, you probably won’t be able to identify the limits of your property with certainty. As a result, you will be forced to engage the services of a professional land surveyor. Installed privacy fences give clear-cut boundaries, allowing for the calculation of a property’s total square footage.

You must, however, ensure your new fencing does not overreach or extend into your neighbor’s property. Paying attention to such details reduces the likelihood of a lawsuit.

Street noise reduction
If your home sits next to a freeway, highway, or busy street, then you probably have to bear with the noise emitted by regular traffic. As vehicles zoom by, the resulting sound could keep you from enjoying the chirp of birds or a good night’s sleep. Solid privacy fences can absorb and dramatically reduce street noise, providing a much-needed level of peace and quiet. In fact, well-built privacy fences can lower your ambient sound by up to 6-10 decibels. However, the barrier’s mode of construction will determine its ability to deflect sound. While low, spaced fences are known to have little to no effect, high privacy fences that do not have gaps between the planks will block noise effectively.

While privacy is the primary reason you’d want to install a privacy fence, this type of fencing has a lot more to offer. As evidenced by the information provided above, you can enjoy an enhanced level of containment, particularly for young children and pets, increased security, improved aesthetic appeal, and a much higher resale value. If you’d like to learn more about privacy fences and what they can do for you and your entire household, we recommend you look at the options available.