How to Keep Costs Low When Replacing Your Fence

Replacing the fence surrounding your property is a functional and aesthetically pleasing way to enhance your property’s value. The reasons include creating privacy, preventing intruders, or boosting the curb appeal. Choosing the right fence improves the dynamics of your property’s exterior. Every renovation project comes with a budget. Fence replacement using top-of-the-range material is a…


Wood vs. Iron Fences

Privacy, protection, beautification and increased home value are some of the main reasons to get a fence, and you can achieve all of them with either wood or iron fencing. However, each type has its pros and cons. Characteristics of Wood Fencing As one of the most popular fencing materials, wood styles include ranch, post…

vinyl picket fence in front of green lawn

Understanding Different Types of Pickets

Picket fences feature a traditional style of fencing that involves wooden planks attached to a rail with gaps between them. A picket fence is therefore perfect for marking out boundaries, protecting your yard, enhancing privacy, and increasing the aesthetic value of your property. Because they blend in seamlessly and do not obstruct the view completely,…