More and more people in the Austin and Central Texas area are deciding to have an automatic gate installed on their driveway. When we talk to customers about why they decided on an electric driveway gate, we often hear the same answers over and over. Here are some of the main reasons why you should  Read More

With all the beautiful trees around Central Texas, this question comes up a lot. Hardly anyone wants to remove or cut down a gorgeous shade tree, but they can present some hurdles to overcome when planning a new fence in Austin and surrounding areas. Especially when the tree crosses property lines. Tree Roots When Building  Read More

Many people think building a wooden privacy fence means putting some posts in the ground and attaching boards to it. However, it is a little more difficult than that. As a fairly large structure, there are many components working together and small mistakes can become bigger issues down the road. That’s why avoiding these 7  Read More

If you’re considering installing a new fence you might be wondering whether to go with a vinyl fence or a wood fence. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but at Discount Fence USA we choose to install Western Red Cedar wood fences. The following blog explains some of the reasons why. Vinyl Fences Are Expensive  Read More

Practically every homeowner has a new fence built at some point, but many people still have questions about how to get started. Especially since building a new fence typically involves coordinating with neighbors and getting them to agree to the project. At Discount Fence USA, we know that approaching your neighbors about getting involved (especially  Read More

Wrought Iron Fences Are Strong and Durable A wrought iron fence can stand up to the elements and will last for years and years. It’s truly a smart investment for your Austin area property. They are very resistant to rust and retain their attractive looks for a long time. Of course, those good looks mean  Read More

Wrought Iron Automatic Gates and Fences At Discount Fence USA, we have highly-skilled welders who can create wrought (not rot) iron fences and gates to your exact specifications. Wrought iron gates and fences add security without blocking views and have their very own aesthetic appeal. If you need an automatic gate or wrought iron fence built  Read More

There are many choices for wood fence building materials, but for durability, value, and overall performance, there’s no better option than Western Red Cedar. On top of its superior strength and structure, it also boasts a classic aesthetic appeal.   Western Red Cedar is one of North America’s most durable woods and can last for  Read More

By saturating the surface of the lumber, Wood Defender® stain penetrates into the substrate (in other words, the natural nooks and crannies) leaving the fence with an even, uniform coating. Other stains that do not penetrate as well cause a less uniform finish that only get worse over time. Wood Defender stains look amazing and  Read More