If you’re planning on building a new fence in Austin and the surrounding areas you may have no idea about which wood to choose or the differences between them. However, we can narrow down the options fairly quickly by telling you the two most popular choices for wood fences in Central Texas are cedar or pressure-treated pine. So is one better than the other?

About Pressure-Treated Pine

The pine fence is popular because it’s cheaper. The pine fencing is “pressure-treated” to help defend it from weather damage, mildew, fungus, and general wood rot. But even with the added chemical preservatives, they typically do not last as long as a cedar fence.

Maintaining a Pine Fence

Regular maintenance is required to keep a pine fence in good condition. It will need to be stained or repainted every few years. And once a year, it’s important to clean the fence and replace any rotting boards. To help a pine fence stand up to weather it also needs to be sealed on a regular basis.

The Good and Bad of Pine Fencing

The primary quality of pine fencing is the price. It’s usually the cheapest material available and can help keep upfront costs down. Pine fencing also makes for good fence posts. The same pressure-treating that helps it stand up to weather also protects it in the soil.

As with almost everything, low upfront costs can come with many negative long-term qualities. This is true for pine fencing. This type of fencing fades easily and can have a greenish tint due to the chemicals used in the treating process. Pine fences also have durability issues. They can warp and buckle easily and are prone to weather and insects. Your new fence can start to look like an old fence in just a few years.

With the big investment in a new fence, you want it to last. Pine fences have a typical lifespan that’s half of their cedar counterpart. On top of it all, the pressure-treating process leaves the wood with many harsh chemicals, like arsenic.

The Good and Bad of Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is the Cadillac of fencing materials. If you want a fence that lasts a long time and looks good doing it, then cedar is the best wood for a new fence.

Having natural defenses, cedar wood doesn’t require any treatment. It maintains its naturally attractive color without the need for harsh chemicals. It does require a little maintenance, though. But this is simply soap and water and a little elbow grease. Nothing compared to the staining, sealing, and frequent fence board replacement required for a pine fence.

The only drawback to cedar fencing is the upfront cost. However, over the long run, the investment in cedar wood fencing is worth it. Cedar wood fencing can last twice as long as pine fencing while maintaining a better overall appearance. It also doesn’t warp or buckle as easily and requires less maintenance.

The Best Wood for a New Fence

At Discount Fence USA, we Western Red Cedar for fence boards (slats) and pine for the fence posts (again, the pressure-treated pine is preferred only for fence posts). Having replaced many old fences with pine slats, we’ve heard from homeowners how disappointed they were in the longevity and look of their pine fence. When they hear that cedar can last up to twice as long, it’s a pretty easy decision.

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