Stormy weather is a common cause to fence damage. Most fence damage from storms is covered in homeowner’s insurance policies. Here are some of the typical storm damages.

High Winds

High winds are a frequent cause of wooden fence damage. Wooden fences are especially vulnerable because of the flat, vertical surface that catches the wind. Common wind damage may include:

  • Missing or broken slats
  • Post leaning
  • Panel collapse

Check your homeowner insurance to see if fence damage is covered in your policy. Even if your policy does not cover high wind damage, many of the fencing materials can be reused, keeping repair costs low.


Hail damage is common in the San Antonio and Austin, Texas area and in some instances will require for moderate fence repair. Smaller hail can affect the stain or paint on your fence, but larger hail will leave holes or fractures in wooden fences. After a hailstorm, check for these common damages:

  • Holes in slats
  • Fractured posts
  • Fallen slats
  • Broken nails

Most homeowners policies will cover hail in general storm damage. Some hail damage may not seem serious to your fence, but if not repaired, holes and fractures can lead to larger fence issues down the line.


When soil is over-saturated, fence posts can be vulnerable to erosion damage. In rain storms, the mixture of saturated soil and wind can also cause post collapse. Soil will reach a saturation point where objects like cement post footings will not hold.

Homeowner insurance usually covers soil erosion and saturation damage, but it can also be classified under flood damage. Because flood damage is an additional policy option, some erosion instances may not be covered.

Fallen tree damage

It is common for trees and branches to fall, causing damage to your fence in a heavy storm. Fallen trees can take out sections of fencing. In the case of a fallen tree, you should take extra precautions and follow these steps.

  • Avoid downed wires
  • Contact utility company if wires are downed
  • Document damages
  • Talk to neighbors

Homeowner policies will cover fallen tree damages. Even with policies, you should check with your neighbor to ensure you are on the same page about damages and liability. You will need to contract a tree removal service before the fence can be repaired.

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