The Central Texas spring and summer can bring beautiful sunny days, but also powerful thunderstorms that sweep through Austin, Lakeway, Cedar Park, and throughout our area. These thunderstorms can show up out of nowhere and, unfortunately, can often leave a trail of damage in their path. If your fence happens to be part of that damage, you might be wondering what to do first and whether homeowners insurance will cover the damage.

Fence Blown Over by High Winds

High winds are a frequent cause of damage to wooden privacy fences in Austin and Central Texas. Because they are a large vertical surface with little space between the slats, a sudden wind shear can knock over an entire section of fence.

Luckily, homeowners insurance often covers fence damage caused by high winds from a storm. Of course, check your homeowners policy to be certain and also remember to take pictures of any damage before attempting any cleanup. Discount Fence USA can also come out to inspect the damage and offer you a free estimate.

Fence or Automatic Gate Tree Damage

The most extensive damage to a fence or gate usually comes from a fallen tree. This can be either a wooden privacy fence or a wrought iron fence and/or automatic gate. Typically, it doesn’t matter whose tree it was in terms of insurance coverage. Most homeowners insurance will cover the fence or iron gate damage whether it was your or your neighbor’s tree. Again, take pictures of any damage before calling someone out to take care of the tree.

Of course, if a tree falls and damages an automatic gate or any entry gate that prevents people from coming and going, then you’ll want to get it fixed right away. The Quick Repair Team at Discount Fence USA will likely be your fastest option. Give us a call at (512) 334-9546 for the quickest iron fence or gate repair in the Austin area.

In addition, if you manage an apartment complex or any property where fixing the automatic gate as quickly as possible is vital, save our Quick Repair Team’s number in case of any other kind of damage.

Austin Fence Company and Fence Repair

Of course, every homeowners policy is different and you’ll need to check with your insurance company to be certain, but fence damage caused by a storm or fallen tree is typically covered by your homeowners insurance.

No matter the source of the damage, whether storm related or not, Discount Fence USA is the best choice for a fence repair company in Austin, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Round Rock, and any other area of Central Texas. We also build new fences, install automatic gates and chain link fences, and offer FREE on-site consultations. Contact us today to learn more.

About The Company

Discount Fence USA is veteran-owned and Austin’s number one choice for fence repair and fence installation. Discount Fence USA was founded because of a need for better fence building in the greater Austin area. Their unique process ensures that Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Lakeway, and residents all over Central Texas get superior quality fences that are built faster and at a better price.  

Customer service comes first at Discount Fence USA. They are responsive, quick, and finish most jobs within 48 hours. Founded by a military veteran, discipline, work ethic, and dedication to excellence set them apart from the competition.

Discount Fence USA is located at 9125 TX-71 D, Austin, TX 78735 and their phone number is 512-334-9546. Contact them today to set up a FREE consultation. Your brand new or good-as-new fence will be complete in as little as 48 hours.