If you have any pets, especially dogs, it is important to maintain a safe outdoor area for them to play and exercise in. Alternative fencing options such as invisible fences and shock collar systems may offer an extra boundary for your pet, but they lack the reliability and safety that a conventional fence has.

Cost of Fencing

One of the main reasons why invisible fences are popular is due to their price. The price on invisible fences is lower than a conventional fence because the fence relies on a wireless electric field and a shock collar. Chain and wood fences require more materials than invisible fences, but they last longer and are a safer solution for your pets.

Discount Fence USA provides fencing options at a fair price, a price that you should consider when thinking about a long-term investment and safety of your home. Fencing in a whole yard is more expensive than installing an invisible fence, but it will come with the extra security of an enclosed environment.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is durable, cost effective, and safe. The chain link fence was invented to offer a better option for homeowners looking for a fence while using fewer materials than traditional wood fences. The materials used for the chain link are often galvanized or coated with paint which prevents from disrepair. The chain links allow air to flow through, as a result it can withstand heavy winds and storm damage.

Chain link fences are also available with vinyl slats which add some extra privacy. Vinyl slats are built to withstand sun exposure and are designed to hold their color without fading for years.

Wood Fences

Wood fences come with extra privacy, safety, and curb appeal. There are many types of wood to construct fences with, but at Discount Fence USA, we chose red cedar. It is a dense wood that naturally protects from rot, insect damage, and moisture. Red cedar holds up for many years and takes on a wide array of stain colors.
Wood fences offer more privacy than chain link and are available in different aesthetic styles. Check out some of our wood fencing options.

Dog Run Fence

A dog run is a great alternative to fencing in a full yard. A dog run is a long and skinny fenced in area that allows your dog to run around and play in a controlled area. Dog runs can be installed anywhere in your backyard, but we advise to place them on side yards because they have the right width and length.

Dog runs are typically constructed out of chain link because they offer extra durability and are stronger than wood. Dogs can jump onto the sides of chain link fences without causing any damage. Chain link can also be installed to go into the ground so dogs can not dig under the fence.


Kennels are a shelter and large cage that allows dogs to have space outside to enjoy and live in. Kennels are typically constructed with chain link because it brings in more air and allows dogs to look around outside of their area. Some kennels come with extra protection and have a chain link roof, but if you choose a taller fencing option, your dog will not be able to escape.

Kennels require a minimal amount of fencing material and are a cost effective way of giving your dog a safe outdoor area.

Explore our fencing options

Metal and wood prices fluctuate often and that is why at Discount Fence USA offer a free on-site consultation! We will be able to answer any of your questions and give you a quote for your fencing needs.