You may have heard the famous maxim by American poet Robert Frost that good fencing makes for good neighbors. Fences do ensure that no one oversteps the boundaries that they establish, but they can come between friends in more ways than one. Fence etiquette can help you avoid disturbing your neighbors.

1. Show respect for the property line.
Even one inch can make a difference to your neighbors if it means that your fence is not completely on your side of the property line. Encroaching can give them a basis for a complaint, and you may have to remove your wall. Fence companies avoid problems by leaving a space of one foot between property and fence lines. If you do not know where your property’s boundary lies, ask a surveyor to locate and confirm it.

2. Face the most attractive side outward.
Wood fence panels usually have one side that is smooth and another that shows the horizontal stringers that support the boards. Tradition and some jurisdictions recommend letting the neighbors see the finished side. Local authorities often have regulations regarding fences that require you to comply.

3. Share your decision.
The courtesy of letting your neighbors know that you plan to build a fence can reduce the potential for disputes. You do not need to show them your choices, but they are sure to appreciate knowing that their view of your home is going to change before it happens.

4. Remember to bring your dog inside.
As a pet owner, you know that dogs are social creatures who prefer the pleasure of your company. They may start barking if you leave them outside, displeasing your neighbors as well as your dog. A little thoughtfulness about the needs of others can make it easy to transition everyone into accepting a newly fenced yard.

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