Fences are a worthwhile investment for any property as they provide safety, security, and in many cases, better curb appeal. However, fences need to be maintained. When neglected, even the best fence will eventually need repairing or replaced.

Unfortunately, determining when a fence repair is sufficient and when it’s time for a replacement is easier said than done. Let’s look at five key factors to keep in mind when you’re on the fence about when to repair and when to go with a replacement.

  1. Fence Condition

The condition of your fence is the very first consideration. Has it been damaged by a storm or harsh weather? Is the wood rotten and in a state of disrepair? If your fence’s condition is beyond repair, it will need to be replaced. When replacing fence, contact a reputable fence contractor who can recommend ideal fencing options for your climate and location.

  1. Current Purpose of the Fence

If you have a pool but currently have a chain link fence, you may want to consider a more secure fencing option rather than repairing a fence that’s not up to par. As your reasons for needing a fence change, the type of fence you have may need to change as well.

  1. Fence Cost

This one is obvious, but if it costs almost as much or more to repair your fence as it does to replace it, then a replacement fence is the way to go.

  1. Value

While an old dilapidated fence can be a liability and diminish your home’s property value, replacing it will literally add equity overnight. In fact, the appearance of a fence adds value to the home overall. Buyers with children or pets will appreciate the privacy and security of an enclosed backyard.

  1. Warranty

Any reputable fence contractor should stand behind their work by providing warranties for both new fence materials and workmanship. Fence repairs, on the other hand, seldom come with a warranty due to several possible factors outside of a contractor’s control. If you want to prevent future fence repairs, then your best option is to install a new fence for years of worry-free use.

By keeping these five factors in mind, you should know whether a fence repair or replacement is best for you and your property. If you’re still on the fence, Discount Fence USA can help! Contact us today for a friendly and free consultation.