Fences are a great addition to any home. They bring a cohesive aesthetic to your property, tying in your home and surrounding landscape, while also providing the comfort of security. What makes them a perfect option for your home is their versatility and ability to enhance your property. So, how much does a new fence cost? The price of a new fence varies greatly since there are a number of factors that will influence its cost. Read on to learn more about the different variables that play a role in new fence costs.  

Fencing Material 
Several options abound here. Materials range from wood, wrought iron, and chainlink just to name a few. Prices can vary greatly depending on the materials used, availability of materials, as well as the geographical location of the project. It’s important to contact a reputable fence installation company within your area to learn more about specific quotes. 

Cost of Labor 
Only you can decide if your fencing job can be accomplished by yourself or the professionals. There’s no fixed cost of labor here because this depends on several factors, including:

  • Structures on the property such as an old fence that might have to be removed. 
  • Landscaping needs or slopes on the land that could require leveling or even some extra work to be done on the fence. 
  • Utility lines running outside the property might require the services of an independent contractor if they are to be moved. 

These are a few of the things your contractor will consider in drafting a suitable quote for your project. 

Other Fixtures 
A fence often requires a gate or entrance to your property. You could go for a swing gate or a sliding gate made from some type of metal or wood. It’s your choice. However, the fancier it is, the costlier it will be. Also, if you choose to go the automatic entrance route for the swing or sliding doors it adds to the overall cost of your project. By talking to a professional fence installation company, you’ll be able to determine which is the best investment for the property. 

Permits, Licenses & the HOA
Look up the permit requirement of your area. In some areas, fences above 6 feet require permits, while it can get as high as 8 feet in other areas. Your contractor can get this for you. They will include the fee in your estimate. 

Also, unless you are 100% sure of where your property begins and ends, you might need to call a surveyor to mark out the exact boundaries to save you from a property dispute. You also need to be aware of any Homeowners Association rules and regulations. While you may not have to pay an additional fee to add the fence, you do need to ensure it is allowed. Erecting a fence only to be told you’re violating the HOA rules can be costly. Luckily, Discount Fence USA can help you with this. 

Your Austin Fence Experts
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