Many commercial properties in Austin required specialized security efforts,  whether the premises are dangerous to unauthorized visitors or have valuable content needing additional protection. As the first line of defense for your property, your fence plays a huge role in protecting your space and those outside of them.

Discount Fence USA offers perimeter security fencing options for commercial properties that are looking to protect a wider area of their facilities. Discount Fence has been installing premium perimeter security fences for commercial clients in Austin and the surrounding areas for years. We’re here to help you protect your business, inside and out.

Our security fences are designed for repeated, long-term use and can be paired with a gate control system to limit vehicular access to your property. We pride ourselves on designing and installing gate operators that are effective and low-maintenance.Contact Discount Fence USA today to get started!

Types of Perimeter Security Fencing

Most of the time, security fencing consists of standard fencing material with the option to add on other security features for increased protection. Fencing security upgrades may involve the height of the fence, the addition of barbed wire, or the use of vehicle access control. A couple of common security fencing options include:

  • Barbed Wire Fencing
  • Metal/Steel Fencing
  • Automatic Gates
  • Anti-Climb Devices
  • Ballards
  • Stalwart Fencing

Benefits of Security Fencing

Security fencing is well suited for commercial and industrial properties as they can be used to protect equipment, personnel, and animals, and help limit access to particular areas on a given property.

Deter Theft & Intruders

Perimeter security fencing is an effective way to deter potential intruders from entering a property. Whether you need to protect equipment on your commercial property or highly-valuable assets. Security fencing provides a physical barrier that cannot be climbed or broken into, effectively preventing intruders and theft. Similarly, security fencing can also be an effective way to prevent animals from entering your property and getting harmed or damaging your equipment.

Improve Security of Vulnerable Areas

Many commercial properties have areas that are particularly vulnerable to intrusion, whether these are less traveled areas, dark areas of your property, or areas that contain highly valuable or dangerous equipment. Perimeter security fencing ensures that even the most vulnerable areas of your property are protected, without the need for security patrol.

Cost-Effectiveness & Decreased Risk

With a high-security fence, commercial properties can reduce their need for manual security efforts such as patrol guards. Not only do security fences help to keep any security guards safe, but they can also help your business save money on security costs in the long run, because you can rely more heavily on your perimeter fencing for security.

Decrease Insurance Premiums & Ensure Code Regulation

Properties with a secure perimeter often benefit from lower insurance costs, as there is a decreased risk of theft, vandalism, or injury. This means that investing in a perimeter fence may help you save money over time.

Plus, many commercial properties are required to be fenced, depending on the industry and the nature of the property. If your business fits into this category, perimeter security fencing will help you comply with the law and reduce your liability and risk of fines.

Enhancing Aesthetics

Perimeter security fencing can be customized to fit the style of the property – effectively enhancing both security and aesthetics. With enhanced security inside the fence, property owners can also have more control over the landscaping and design of their property.

Create a Positive Work Environment

In providing a safe environment, perimeter security fencing can help your employees to feel safe, promoting a healthy, happy working environment. Not only can you save money in the long run with proper perimeter fencing, but with an improved work environment, you can always benefit from reduced turnover rate and increased employee productivity.

Ready to Install Perimeter Security Fencing?

Our team of Austin fencing professionals are dedicated to designing and installing the highest quality security fencing for your property. If you’re looking to reduce costs associated with security efforts and create a safer work environment, get started by contacting us today.

We will work with you throughout the process to ensure your fence meets the security needs of your commercial property in Austin or surrounding areas.