A privacy fence is a great way to turn an open backyard into a secluded sanctuary. Privacy fences are different than traditional fences because they do not have to be a full enclosure of your yard. For homes, business, and restaurants privacy fences can change the atmosphere of an outdoor setting.

Privacy Fence Cost

Privacy fences can be more or less expensive in comparison to a traditional fence depending on what you desire. If you are looking to add extra privacy to a certain part of your yard, a privacy fence will be a price effective solution. Full enclosure privacy fences are more expensive because they are taller than traditional fences.

Privacy Fence Height

Privacy fences range to be taller than traditional fences, but there are still some building codes and zoning laws that apply to the allowed height of a fence. Laws about fence height were created to protect residents from the issues of spite fences. A spite fence is a barrier that is constructed to purposefully disrupt the view of a neighbor. Spite fences can take many forms like large bushes that serve no purpose to the property owner.

Austin City Code

The Austin City Code states that any fence must have an average height of 6-feet and must not go above 7-feet at any given point. These laws apply to fences that are along the property line, and if you want to go taller there may still be a solution for you. Privacy fences can be constructed up to eight feet tall with some permitting from the Austin City zoning department. An eight-foot tall privacy fence will need to sit away from the property line if you are are in a residential neighborhood. If your home is located next to a business, the fence may be constructed on the property line.

Bamboo Privacy Fence

Bamboo grows quickly and is a great wood resource for privacy fences. The bamboo wood can be stacked vertically or horizontally next to each other to form loose slats that let some sunlight through. Bamboo can not be stained, but it does have a nice tanned raw wood look that will bring a feeling of the outdoors to your fence.

Wood Privacy Fence

wood privacy fence is more traditional and will take any paint or stain color. One of our popular privacy fence designs is a wood-slatted fence that offsets horizontal wood panels from each other. This design creates a private area while still bringing in much-needed sunlight to an enclosed area. These slats also look great with concrete or stone work posts.

Chain Link Privacy

Chain link fences are not considered to add privacy to a yard, but with some easy additions, you can turn a wide open fence into a secluded area. Chain link fences are common in some of the older home constructed in Austin during the 60’s. Chain link was popular for fence construction because they do not require for a lot of materials to construct, and will hold up for a long time.

Privacy Chain Link Slats

Chain link slats are plastic inserts that are weaved through the holes of a chain link fence. Privacy slats are typically made of plastic and are available in an array of different colors. Privacy slats are a great short-term choice to add extra privacy while vines or bushes are growing to add long-term privacy.

Chain Link Vines

Some fence plants work better than others depending on where you live, and what season it is. Ivys are a great choice for a chain link fences because their leaves will stay all year in the Austin climate, and they will climb and cover a chain link fence. Ivy’s can, however, get out of hand and take over a whole back yard. Consider planting vines in planter boxes and allowing them to crawl along the fence from there. This will keep the ivy from taking over your backyard, and allow it to fill in an open fence.

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