Finding the right information about suitable fences for their property can seem overwhelming for many. To make this process simpler, we have compiled this guide about residential fencing. Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of fencing and the different options we have available for you.

Reasons Why You Need Residential Fence

Today, more than ever, an average property needs a robust fence for safety and privacy reasons. Here are some compelling reasons for installing a fence around your property.

  • For security purposes – There isn’t a suburb or a city that does not have crime. Your place is no exception either. Fencing around accessible areas is an excellent way to prevent being the victim of a crime. Fences also go beyond this, by keeping things in, like your kids. From a safety point of view, when you know your children are playing in a fenced yard, you get much-needed peace of mind. Our fences are defined by their quality workmanship and the use of the best materials. They function as robust protection systems for your house.
  • For an aesthetically pleasing feel – From the highly sophisticated wrought iron fencing to eye-catching traditional wood ones, our fences add value and prestige to your property. The skillfully constructed fences increase the aesthetic charm of your house. They are low-maintenance, and you can choose from a range of colors, styles, and heights.
  • Defining the boundaries of the property – Installing a fence helps you define your home’s boundaries. Property lines are a common reason for disputes among neighbors. Getting a fence installed is an ideal way to prevent such altercations.
  • Privacy – Everyone needs a certain amount of privacy. You might want to relax outside in a bathrobe or take a lovely bath. A fence guarantees you this privacy from the eyes of your neighbors. What’s more, you can even freely organize mini gatherings without the intruding glare of your neighbors.
  • Fencing keeps children and pets safeFor every parent, keeping their children safe is of utmost importance. However, it’s equally essential to let them explore their environment. This is exactly where our strong and durable fences become so useful. Being fully impenetrable, they confine your children and pets to the designated area, minimizing their chances of straying away and keeping them safe while they play.


High on privacy, wood fences are durable and tough. These fences have a fortitude of wooden panels, which enhances their security.

Wrought Iron

Want a fence with superior strength for maximum protection? Our custom wrought iron fence design is just what you need. These fences are highly long-lasting and offer unmatched safety.

Wrought Iron Handrails

These railings are stronger than various other materials and cannot be damaged by pets. Moreover, they can complement any kind of outdoor space.

Custom Railing

Easy to maintain, the custom railing can be molded into a range of styles and shapes. They are extremely sturdy and can effortlessly bear everyday use.

Chain Link Fences

Chain Link fences make way for an uninterrupted flow of sunlight and air. We offer high-quality color-coated and galvanized chain link fencing for every kind of environment, whether it’s dog parks, ballparks, gardens, or race tracks.

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates move via an external or internal motor. They offer the protection of a manually operated gate but with the convenience of automatic operation. When you connect it to your fence, you boost the existing security of your fence.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security fencing is a perfect option for those wanting to secure a wider area of their premises. We offer perimeter security fencing with the option to add other security functionalities for added protection. Some of these options include metal/steel fencing, barbed wire fencing, and stalwart fencing.

Ranch Style

This kind of fencing is majorly for containing medium to large animals. With it, you can not only safeguard your animals but also keep the hostile ones away. We provide a range of ranch fencing options, such as horse fencing and custom corral board fences that perfectly fit your specific style, space, and budget.

Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing is known for its charming, rustic look, ease of installation, and affordability. This fencing gives you the peace of mind that your livestock is confined sans any threat to their safety. The fencing system is built to last. It’s also practically seamless to install it due to the fact that the fence’s rails are inside the holes of the posts.

Fence Staining

Fence Staining is the perfect option for those wanting to improve the look and function of their existing fence. It preserves the wood grain’s natural structure and enhances it further. If your fence is being weathered down due to environmental elements, staining it will help minimize this damage. Fence staining is crucial to preserve the health and quality of your fencing investment.

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How much does installing fences around a house will cost?

Fence installation prices can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. A more accurate assessment can only be made once you are aware of how many linear feet your fence should be. Generally, fences cost around $15 to $60 per linear foot. Additionally, the terrain also impacts the cost. Fence installation in a hilly area is higher than in the city.

Does a chain link fence increase property value?

Yes, a chain link fence adds to the value of a home. It’s because your potential buyers will easily discover the advantages of chain link fences, such as protection from wildlife and intruders. They can well imagine their kids and pets playing safely. This ability to enjoy in a safe and secure place influences the home buying decision of most people.

What is the cost of wrought iron fencing?

Wrought iron fencing isn’t as expensive as you may think it to be. On average, people pay anywhere between $2,334 to $4,769 for installing this kind of fence. The cost of different kinds of wrought iron fences also differs. Generally, you can keep aside an amount ranging from $26 to $34 per linear foot. The cost will increase as per your fence design. If your fence design is more intricate, you can expect to pay a bit more.

What is the most affordable fencing option?

Wire fencing of any kind allows you to get the most value from your money. But if you are looking for cheap fencing options, you can expect to find many. Common options include barbed wire, chicken wire, hog wire, electric, and woven wire fencing. These fencing types are quite utilitarian. They may not be the most aesthetic, but they do the job of securing your premises pretty well.

What is the most durable fence material for a home?

One of the highly durable materials for fencing your home is steel. A steel fence is resistant to impact, weather, and damage. In particular, galvanized steel fencing is fully rust and corrosion-resistant. Another durable fencing option is an aluminum fence. Such a fence is lightweight but strong. It also gives a timeless appearance. However, to leverage their effectiveness, you must get it installed by professionals only.

What are the tips for hiring a good fence contractor?

You invest in fences rarely in your lifetime. So, it’s essential to do it right the first time. Here are some tips for hiring a good fence contractor.
• Ensure that the contractor is licensed and bonded. A bond will protect you from situations when the contractor isn’t able to complete the task.
• Don’t hesitate to inquire from the customers of a specific contractor – A few solid references will enable you to hire the best contractor in your area. When going through online reviews, ensure that there is a good mix of positive and satisfactory reviews with a few negative ones. It ensures that the service is authentic.
• Inquire about samples if you are doubtful about the materials being used – It’s a good idea to ask your contractor about the address of jobs where the product is installed. You can then view it yourself.
• Communicate clearly with your contractor as per the research you’ve done – If there are any details about the project you are unclear about, don’t feel shy about clearing them.