“We got our quote from DJ at Discount Fence USA. He was quick about following up with any questions I had. He came out and after discussing our needs for keeping a dog that digs inside the fence, he helped us save money with other suggestions that made more sense. In just a few days they were ready to build the fence. The installers were very quick. They only spoke broken English, but we were able to discuss concerns. They fixed any issues we had as they worked. They did the entire fenced yard in one day. There were a couple of problems that we found the next day. We didn’t notice them since it was late and dark when they finished and left. The next day DJ made sure to put in a work request to have those issues fixed. The guys that came out a few days later fixed the remaining issues. We have a very nice fence, and I’m getting requests from neighbors to know who did my fence. I’ve sent everyone of them DJ’s contact information from his business card. I had a very good experience with DJ and with Discount Fence USA. I would recommend them for getting your fence replaced.”

Heather M.