If you’re like over 40 percent of Americans, you think a fence is a desirable addition to your property. While its primary purpose is privacy, it can also boost your curb appeal, which can increase your ROI if you later decide to sell your house. Building a fence isn’t as easy as breaking out the shovel and starting to set posts, though. There are several things to consider before you break ground. Deciding to install one and determining your budget only scratches the surface. 

Know Your Boundaries
Your first task is to find out where the property lines are, and it’s imperative that you don’t guess. Fences may make good neighbors, but only when you respect their space. A phone call to the city assessor’s office will get the ball rolling. This step will help you budget for your fence. It’ll also alert you to possible obstacles, such as trees, which can affect your bottom line.

Get Permission
The next thing you must do is get permission from any stakeholders, if necessary. That means the municipality, which may require a permit. It also applies to your homeowner’s association if applicable. Don’t find out the hard way that could lead to unexpected expenses of taking it out if it violates the rules. They may also fine you or charge you an extra fee if it’s out of compliance.

Can You Dig?
It’s imperative to know where the utility lines are on your property. Some may lie closer to the surface than you think. After you’ve called the city, make a quick call to 811 in your area. This free service will delineate and flag the property lines to prevent costly mistakes.

Choose the Right Material
Of course, the cost of your project will probably steer you toward some fence materials over others. Other things also come into play. Ask yourself why you want a fence in the first place. If privacy is your primary motivation, a wooden one will fit the bill better than a chain-link or wrought-iron option.

Maintenance is another essential consideration. You can opt for naturally resistant materials, such as redwood or cedar. While they will last, they are also more expensive.

Call the Pros
We’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you that installing a fence is a back-breaking job, especially for larger yards. Digging post holes is exceptionally labor-intensive. It’s not necessarily a weekend DIY project. Do yourself a favor and call in the professionals to do the installation for you. The fence installation professionals at Discount Fence USA are ready to help you with all of your fencing needs. 

About The Company
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