Automatic access gates provide the perfect balance between convenience and safety. Whether at your Hill Country acreage or across your Austin driveway, automatic gates provide a safe and secure way to control who comes on your property while making it easy for you to come and go as you please.

Once you decide to have an automatic gate installed, you’ll need to choose the type of gate that works best for you. Of course, we will help you with this during your free on-site consultation, but here are the two main types to get you started.

Swinging Gates

Along with sliding gates, these are the most common type of automatic gates. Swinging gates can be either a single or double-swing gate. Single-swing gates open like a typical bedroom door and double-swing gates open like a French style door. They can also open either toward your property or away from your property. So if you have a short driveway or the fence is close to the road, you’ll obviously want a gate that swings inward. You can also choose a double-swing gate to minimize the room needed for opening.

Sliding Gates

A sliding automatic gate can either slide all the way across or split apart in the middle. They open pretty much like an automatic door that leads into the grocery store. To have a sliding gate, you need a good amount of room on one or both sides of the automatic gate.

When it comes to style of sliding gates, you can choose between “V”-track, rear pipe, or cantilever. Both the “V”-track and rear pipe use a ground track to slide the gate across. Cantilever gates, on the other hand, do not have a track along the ground and are therefore ideal if you’re worried about debris (leaves, pine needles, ice, snow, etc…) inhibiting the gate’s movement.  

Whether swinging or sliding, automatic gates are a smart choice for anyone who wants to protect their property without sacrificing convenience. At Discount Fence USA, we will help you decide on which style of automatic gate works best for you. We can install them at your Austin or Round Rock home, property, or business. Contact us today for a free on-site consultation!

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