Picket fences feature a traditional style of fencing that involves wooden planks attached to a rail with gaps between them. A picket fence is therefore perfect for marking out boundaries, protecting your yard, enhancing privacy, and increasing the aesthetic value of your property. Because they blend in seamlessly and do not obstruct the view completely, picket fences are a popular choice for residential areas. Here’s a look at the different types of picket fences available.

Although most of us have imagined a house with a white wooden picket fence, you can achieve a lot more with this type of fencing. Wood is a versatile picket fence material that can give almost any vibe depending on the finish you choose. You can achieve an endless array of designs, be it mainstream, contemporary, classic, rustic, or formal. Cypress, spruce, cedar, redwood and treated pine are some of the most common wood species used for picket fencing. Although it’s technically a grass, bamboo picket fences come in rolled panels. Bamboo poles are tightly tied to one another, creating a solid wall that’s ideal for privacy.

Vinyl picket fencing serves as an alternative option to wooden picket fences seeing as you can achieve almost the same look minus the warmth and natural beauty of wood. The major advantages associated with this type of fencing include the array of designs available, durability, decorative appeal, and suitability to almost all types of architectural and landscape designs.

In general, picket fences made of metal are not only strong and durable but also maintenance free. This kind of fencing comes in a variety of styles and heights. Apart from being strong enough to deter burglars and keep young children and pets confined, metal picket fences are great for enclosing swimming pool areas and serve well as boundaries. This type of picket metal fence has grown in popularity due to its durability, ability to complement various home designs and the level of protection it provides.

By choosing a decorative picket fence, you can get all the perks of a typical picket fence with an added flair. You can use wood, metal, and various other materials to create your ornamental fence. This type has a more visual appeal, which makes it an ideal choice if you are looking for something extra.

Thanks to PVC picket fences, you can recreate the white picket fence dream a lot easier. PVC picket fences are often used as a perimeter or to create small garden enclosures. This is another versatile fencing option that comes in a wide variety of designs.