With all the beautiful trees around Central Texas, this question comes up a lot. Hardly anyone wants to remove or cut down a gorgeous shade tree, but they can present some hurdles to overcome when planning a new fence in Austin and surrounding areas. Especially when the tree crosses property lines.

Tree Roots When Building a Fence

One thing many people forget to consider is the tree’s roots. They are often the biggest underground obstacle to building a fence. Big trees have big roots and they probably spread out even further out than the tree’s limbs. So if you or your neighbor have a large tree, tree roots will likely be a challenge. However, at Discount Fence USA, we deal with it all the time and can help you find the best and simplest solution that doesn’t harm the tree.

Trees and Neighbors When Building a Fence

If you need a new fence and your neighbor has a big tree, then that’s one more thing you’re going to need to discuss with them before new fence installation begins. Of course, this is in addition to the conversation about sharing in the cost of the fence. Again, Discount Fence USA can help you talk with your neighbor and we can ensure them that the tree will be perfectly fine after the new fence is built.

Trees Along the Property Line

Having a tree directly on the property line is usually not a big deal. We can build a box around the tree, put a notch in the fence, or if needed (and neighbors agree) simply build around it. Again, dealing with the actual visible tree is much less of a concern than the roots.

Tree Limbs When Building a Fence

Tree limbs that cross the property line and are less than four feet from the top of the fence will need to be trimmed.

Landscaping Along Fence

Related to trees is landscaping along the fence. Remember, a new fence is a construction site. At Discount Fence, we finish 95% of our jobs in 48 hours, but there will a lot of digging, concrete pouring, and the need for adequate workspace along the way. So the areas on either side of the fence will need to be cleared.  

If there is a delicate plant, please let us know. We can work around it and take special care not to disturb it.

Trees and Austin Fence Building

If you don’t want to worry about trees or dealing with any hassle when building a new fence, then call Discount Fence USA. We’ve seen and done it all and talked to all kinds of neighbors and will help make the whole process smooth, easy, and fast. We do it all with a low price and 1-year labor and materials guarantee too. Contact us today.

About The Company

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