Fences serve many purposes, from enhancing your home’s privacy and security to setting boundaries and blocking out sound. If you’re considering building a new fence, you’re likely asking yourself what there is to know before building a fence.

We’ve put together a quick post that covers everything from dealing with your neighbors and the HOA to determining property lines and handling obstructions. Let’s start with the first question that is on most peoples’ minds:

Do I Need to Get My Neighbor Involved?

If the fence is being entirely built on your property, you are not obligated to discuss the project with your neighbor.

With that said, it’s almost always a good idea to talk with your neighbor about your new fence, and here’s why:

  • It helps keep communication open and friendly
  • You can work with your neighbor to choose the best type of fence (such as who gets the “good” side with only pickets and who gets the “bad” side which also shows posts and rails)
  • Your neighbor(s) may agree to share the cost of a new fence

Chatting with your neighbor about a new fence can help alleviate any concerns regarding trees and landscaping. You may be able to work together to find a better fence for you both while reducing your overall costs.

Having built fences for the past several years, Discount Fence USA has loads of experience in approaching the neighbors of our clients. We’ll explain the process, as well as provide drawings and estimates so that your neighbor has all of the information he or she needs to understand the process and feel as if they are in control of the situation.

How Can I Deal with My HOA or Local Government?

Discount Fence USA has worked with several Homeowner Associations (HOAs) in Central Texas as well as many local governments. We understand many of the unique rules in different communities (such as some neighborhoods allowing eight-foot fences while others only allow six-foot fences) and we can allay many of the concerns your HOA or community may have in regards to building a new fence.

How Do We Determine the Property Line?

Another important aspect of what to know before building a fence is where you legally can have it built.

If you’re moving into a newly constructed home, the property lines will be notably marked with property pins.

If you live in an older neighborhood in Round Rock, Austin or the Central Texas area, it’s important to note that the required Platt map or survey is provided to every texas homeowner in their title work at closing of the home. Our estimators can help determine where the property line is based on this document.

If you already have a fence on your property, then you likely don’t need to worry about the property line. We’ll simply remove the existing fence and put the new beautiful fence of your choice in its place.

What If There’s A Tree, Post or Other Obstruction In The Way?

Our experience in the fencing industry has led us to troubleshooting a number of issues surrounding trees, posts, underground cables and other obstructions.

One of the least thought about considerations when thinking about what to know before building a fence are a tree’s roots. Since existing trees are often one of the largest obstacles we face, our Austin fence builders work with clients to find the best solution to building a fence without harming a tree.

If a tree sits on the property line, we have a number of ways of tackling this issue including:

  • Custom cut the fence to neatly fit the tree
  • Putting a notch in the fence
  • Building around the tree

Should a tree limb be crossing the property line and if it’s less than four feet from the top of the fence, it will need to be trimmed.

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