You know you want a fence on your property, but you don’t want to obstruct the view. What options do you have? The good news is that there’s a type of fencing that people don’t often discuss, but it’s perfect for this situation. It can give you a measure of safety without a bulky obstruction in your yard.

Let’s take a deeper look at cable railing fencing and why you should consider using it on your property.

What is Cable Railing Fencing?

Cabe railing fencing is an alternative to a traditional chain link or wooden fence. You have vertical metal posts with cables strung between them. Cables can be horizontal between posts or vertical between rails that run from post to post.

The posts must be properly designed and installed to keep the fencing safe, so you’ll want a professional to put in your cable railing fence. 

There is space between each cable, so the fence is easy to look past if you want to focus on a scenic view beyond your porch, deck, or property. At the same time, the cable fence provides a sense of boundary and can help keep your family safely away from edges and dropoffs.

The Benefits of a Cable Fence

Why would you want a cable railing fence instead of a more traditional material? Here are just a few of the benefits.

1. Make Your Space Feel Larger: If you have a small deck or balcony, cable railing fencing can help mark the edges without closing you in. The open and airy feel can help your space feel larger and allow you to enjoy more fresh air.

2. Safer For Wildlife: Some homeowners look at glass or vinyl railings to provide safety and boundary without obstructing the view. However, these are clear, which means that they are quite dangerous for birds and other wildlife. A cable fence can be easily seen by animals, who can avoid running into it.

3. Easier to Maintain: A cable fence is a low-maintenance option, especially compared to traditional wood fencing, glass, or vinyl. You don’t have to clean it regularly, snow and leaf removal near the fence is much easier, and the cost of maintenance is low.

4. Attractive Modern Design: Cable railing fencing is a minimalist, modern look which many homeowners appreciate. This also makes it very versatile, as it can be used at home, for businesses, or in industrial settings. You can use a cable fence along a walkway, deck, or as a boundary for your yard.

Your Austin Fence Experts

There are various benefits to cable fencing that make it the perfect option for your property. Give the fence experts at Discount Fence a call today to learn more about your cable fencing options and how we can help elevate your property with a custom fence.