A chain link storage cage is a fully boxed in enclosure capable of being secured. Storage cages can be made of chain link which offers security at an affordable price. The metal will stand up to the elements and secures your goods from theft or harm. You can incorporate a storage cage in your commercial property to store valuable goods or flammable substances.

Storage Cage Uses

Storage cages can be used both indoors and outdoors for industrial buildings and storage yards. Storage cages are mainly used to store valuable goods and dangerous chemicals that need to be protected from being tampered or stolen. Storage cages can also be used by landlords to provide a unit for each tenant, construction teams can place expensive equipment and supplies inside for overnight storage, and technology companies can lock away sensitive servers without impeding air flow.

Storage Cage Permits

Some storage cages may need a building permit to be constructed on your property. Cages can go over the maximum height of fences and may need additional building permits. If you are using your storage cage to house flammable liquids or hazardous chemicals you may need extra permits and inspections to make sure the area is safe.

Storage Cage Cost

The installation cost depends on the size of the cage, how many cages you want to put up, the finish on the chain link, and whether you want an interior or exterior installation. At Discount Fence USA, we have set chain link prices that are reasonable. Our professional installation team has years of experience installing chain link and can get the job done quickly passing on the savings to you.

Storage Cage Design

Chain link storage cages can be purchased online from storage cage manufacturers, however, they are at set dimensions and have steep shipping fees. Discount Fence USA will work with your needs to ensure that storage cages are installed to your specific dimensions and fit your needs.

Chain Link Storage Cage Construction

One of the biggest benefits of using chain link for your storage enclosures is the cost. The mass production method reduces the expense while maintaining a high security. You also don’t have to worry about complex repairs, as the materials are easy, and cheap, to replace.

Storage Cage Durability

Chain link is a resilient material that stands up to the elements over time. In many cases, you only need to maintain the coating to keep it as strong as it was when it was first installed. Galvanized chain link fences will not rust over time, which also makes it a great choice for outdoor storage cages.

If you need the extra security or safety that comes with a chain link storage cage, contact Discount Fence USA today!