The chain link process was invented in England in the 1840’s by applying the same principle of cloth weaving to metal wire. It was brought over to America with a company’s acquisition of metal weaving technology in the 1900’s.


The chain link fence is made up of a few different parts.

  • Top Rail: the upper support bar keeping the chains connected vertically.
  • Fence Tie: a piece of wire that connects the chain to the top rail.
  • Line Post: the vertical aluminum post cemented into the ground keeping the fence up.
  • Tension Band: adjustable band that increases the tension of the chain.
  • Bottom Tension Wire: adjustable galvanized wire that keeps the fencing from being bent up.


Chain link is one of the most affordable fencing options. Because of the minimal resources needed to build, it is very accessible for most home and property owners.

Other than the low price, chain link also offers the benefit of letting light through the barricade. This makes it a popular choice for sports stadiums from NASCAR tracks to Little League fields. You can typically find in 50 ft rolls and is available from 3 ft to 12 ft in height at the store.

Because of galvanized or protective paint and coatings, the metal is protected from rust and disrepair. The interweaving wire also makes it easy and affordable to repair cuts in fences. Without slats, the wind can blow through the fence, making it an excellent option for areas susceptible to large storm damage.


If you want privacy, there are still many options allowing you to use a chain link.

Fence Plants
Growing vines or plants along your chain will gain some privacy while still keeping the cheaper building material. With non-perennial vine options like ivy, you can have a green covering all year long.

Perennial plants also allow the sun to shine through your fence during the winter months. Because of the protective coating on the metal, you will not have to worry about rust.

Fence Slats
Fence slats are plastic or wood inserts that fill the space between the chain. Slats come in various colors allowing for a basic design to be woven.

Slats do break down over time, and they can crack or bleach from the sun. But if you want the added privacy without having to wait for plants to grow, slats are a great option.

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