Shared fences are synonymous with boundary fences. They sit on the line that separates two properties, leaving both property owners able to use and own the shared fence. This arrangement can leave the door open for many questions. Who is responsible for setting up a shared fence? Who is responsible for repairing it if the need arises? What should you know about a shared fence? 

Read on to learn more about shared fences and how they’ll impact both you and your neighbor. 

Equal Ownership

Interestingly, while the law says that both neighbors are the owners of a shared fence, you should be aware that every state interprets its “use” differently, as these fences must conform to local ordinances and CC&Rs. Since each neighbor technically has the right to develop and maintain the shared fence, it’s important that you both agree on how it is developed. This is where a reputable fence company comes into play. 

At Discount Fence, we remain committed to helping all of our clients work through their negotiations during the fence-building process. It’s important to note that the party initiating the fence becomes our customer first. In the best-case scenario, the following applies:

  • We bill the initiating client half of the total cost. 
  • If you are willing to pay half, we’d recommend the total cost be paid by the initiating party, with the initiating neighbor collecting reimbursement from the joint neighbor; 
  • However, we are willing to invoice both parties if it’s an amicable situation, but the initiating neighbor remains our customer. 
  • The fence warranty will cover both sides of the fence regardless of how payment is worked out between the parties. 

Shared Cost Fences Expenditure

Because the law that governs shared-fence recommends that both parties pay for the erection of the fence, it also makes sense that you cost-share repair and maintenance costs in the future. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be asking your neighbor to pay for a fence change without a solid reason.

Your neighbor should only spend on the fence if the repair of maintenance is reasonable. In addition, both of you should equally share the benefits of having such a fence unless you agree otherwise.

If you have a customized agreement between you two, you must have a written document outlining what you’ve agreed on. Likewise, you can request a fencing company like Discount Fence to invoice both of you. When you choose to work with Discount Fence, you can rest assured that both sides of the fence, regardless of the paying party, will benefit from the fence warranty.

Your Austin Fence Company
When it comes to shared fence installation, don’t let any unanswered questions deter you from getting what you want or need. Give the Austin fence experts at Discount Fence USA a call today to learn more about shared fences and how we will work closely with you to navigate as seamless a process as possible.