A perfectly installed fence not only adds a touch of aesthetic value to your home, but it also acts as a sound barrier, improves your home’s security, eliminates unsightly views, and helps increase the value of your property.

So, when is the right time to build a fence? Typically, the season you choose to install your fence narrows down to a matter of personal preference. But if you’ve been looking to add a fence to your property for some time now, fall is the perfect time to get your project started, and here’s why. 

Save Time

If you want to enjoy the luxury of a shorter fence installation time, consider fencing your home during fall. When you book fence installation services during the peak seasons of spring and summer, you may find a long waitlist, and it may take months before your fencing work starts. But when you do it during fall, the waitlist is much shorter, and it may only take a few weeks or even days for your work to commence.

Since the demand for fencing services is low during the fall, companies may send a larger team to handle your work. A larger team of professionals means your fence installation will be completed quickly and efficiently.

Better Weather

Wood is one of the common materials used in fencing and is highly susceptible to harsh weather conditions. And since fall is dominated by fairly mild weather conditions, it presents an ideal time to build a fence. This is because there are low chances of wood warping or splintering during fall compared to the winter and summer seasons.

Minimum Damage to the Landscape

If you are worried that the fence installation will ruin your beautiful landscape, consider fall to be the perfect time to build your fence. During fall, plants, flowers, and shrubs are dormant leaving you with minimal landscape damage. Also, rainfall is minimal during the fall season, which also makes for drier conditions. 

For the best results, consider working with professional fencing contractors who will handle your landscape with utmost care.

Maximum Enjoyment

Building your fence in fall reduces yard disruptions during spring and summer, giving you ample time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. So, if you’re planning on getting outside after the winter chill fades away to enjoy the mid-year warmth, fall should be your remedial time to give your yard a new look by installing a fence.

Your Austin Fence Company

When it comes to protecting your property, give the experts at Discount Fence a call today to schedule your fence installation consultation. Fall is the perfect time to upgrade your property with a fence, and we look forward to helping you with all of your fencing needs.