Automatic gates are wonderful additions to your property, but like anything else in your home issues may arise overtime. If you’ve noticed your gate not closing properly as of late, there are a few things it could be. Below are some of the most common issues with improperly closing gates. 

Unusual and loud noises can definitely indicate a program with your gate. Most times, it doesn’t seem clear what the problem is, but one thing is for sure, the noise is produced by the mechanism that controls the motion of the gate. Messing with the gate’s mechanisms can be tricky. For the best results, you should consult a local automatic gate expert. 

Faulty Control Pad
This is a major automatic gate problem as the remote control is an essential device to a fully functioning automatic gate. It’s often advised that it be kept in a good, working condition and locked away, safely. Check for fading batteries because if the remote performs weakly and is thought to be broken, this could be an easy fix. You will need to replace it if a battery update does not work.

Transfixed Gate
Automatic gates require a constant supply of power to function properly, otherwise the gate doesn’t work. When your gate stops working with no known electricity issues, try the manual method. If it still doesn’t work, it’s time to call the gate repair professionals. 

Rusted Track
A worn track doesn’t allow the gate to run easily while being closed or opened. Check the functionality of your gate. When the gate gets stuck or jerks at certain points when tried, a rusty track could be at fault. Contact the repair professionals to fix the issue.  

Manual Mode Issues
Make sure to look at the mechanism of the movement gear when the gate refuses to open or close in manual mode. If you aren’t well-versed in gate repair, contact the repair professionals. 

Pest Invasions
Sometimes an obstruction in the sensor can prevent motion. Take preventive measures in keeping the sensor clear of insects that could crawl into its dark hole. Also, be sure to keep any mold and moss far from it so there is no other obstruction. 

Gate Hinges
Gate hinges can get stuck since they have the most work to do with an automatic gate. When it begins to malfunction, then it probably needs to be lubricated. Ask a specialist to show you how to do it or have them do it during a routine maintenance visit. 

Your Austin Automatic Gate Repair Experts
Staying on top of any necessary automatic gate repairs is essential in keeping your gate working properly. If you’re noticing your automatic gate begin to have issues, it’s important to contact the automatic gate repair experts at Discount Fence USA in a timely manner to ensure no bigger problems occur.

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